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The first edition of this culinary festival was celebrated in 2014 and was a great success. That year, for the first time, the doors of the Ingenio were opened to the public, the only working sugar cane honey factory in Europe. This was to be repeated as a main attraction of the festival.

The Día de la Miel de Caña emerged as a council proposal to include Frigiliana in the wide range of gastronomic festivals in the province, with the added attraction that makes it an exclusive and unique ingredient.

The festival, which does not have a fixed date in the calendar, is usually celebrated at the end of April, the honey itself being the undisputed star of the festival. It all takes place around the Ingenio square, where a stage hosts the many various diverse acts throughout the festival, starting in the morning and not finishing until the evening. Rociero Choirs , flamenco dancing and popular regional dances fill the square until nightfall.

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Throughout the whole day visitors have the opportunity to try, free of charge, a wide array of recipes using the honey as the main ingredient, recipes that are prepared in the square by the housewives of Frigiliana. For those wanting to try alternative dishes that also use honey as the main ingredient there are several participating restaurants in the village that offer wonderful dishes.
Apart from the gastronomic side of the festival there are various craft stands too, not to mention the opportunity for artists of photography and painting to participate in the competition arranged in honor of the festival.

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